REO Pegs


The Reo Pegs are designed to act as proprietary supports for two or four vertical bar cage reinforcing, or trenchmesh.  They provide a quick, easy and cost-effective means of support during the concrete pour, and can double as height pegs.
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REO Pegs Reinforcing Support System

The Reo Peg is a white polypropelene peg to support steel reinforcing bars and provide a   height measure to which strip foundations are to be concrete poured.
The Reo Peg is for use as a supporting system for steel reinforcing bars in concrete foundation walls and footings foand 
r residential light commercial industrial buildings.  The Reo Peg is 450mm long, 30mm wide and 3mm thick, stiffened by a rib 18mm wide and 2mm thick.  The driving cap of the peg is oval in shape, 30 by 20 by 5mm thick.  The bottom of the peg is tapered to a point to assist penetration of the ground.

The Reo Peg contains two vertical slots.  Each slot can hold one steel reinforcing bar up to 12mm in size.  The bottom of the upper slot is located 85mm from the top of the peg, and the bottom slot is positioned 125mm below the upper slot at 210mm from the top of the peg.

A horizontal line 1mm wide and approximately 0.5mm proud of the surface, representing the desirable ground surface position, is located 150mm from the bottom of the peg.  At a position  60mm further up the peg there are four horizontal triangular fillets which brace the rib section of the main peg section.  these also may deter ground water travelling up the peg from reaching the reinforcement.


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