Deck Jak®

Now 6 Great Reasons To Choose Deck Jaks®

New Zealand Made

Deck Jak’s® are the only NZ made Decks Jacks so no waiting for delayed overseas supply. Our Deck Jack products can be with you by the following working day in many cases.

Self Leveling

The Deck Jack is self leveling to 2 degrees and can attain a 4 degree fall by the use of the Deck Jak® Base Plate.

Ease of Adjustment

Simply insert & turn a screwdriver, without having to lift a tile. Forget those messy shims!

UV Resistant and all black

The NZ Made deck jack has been tested to withstand loads of over 3 ton each or 3.36 kN

No Loose Parts

Deck Jaks® lock in tight. The simplicity of the Deck Jak® mechanism results in a product with strength, durability and user-friendly characteristics.


The Deck Jak® System is Kiwi designed and manufactured and used to support elevated level entry surfaces such as tiles, pavers or suitable trafficable panels over a waterproofing membrane on a roof, balcony or porch.  Our NZ made deck jacks are used to support flooring or a flooring grid over services in the instances of an interior office fit out.

The Deck Jak® has been designed for simple installation and allows easy access to the surface it sits on.  The Deck Jak® will self level when sitting on a substrate with a 2 degree fall or less, with a further 2 degrees achievable with the addition of the Deck Jak® Base Plate.  It is imperative that the Deck Jack is not attached to the waterproofing membrane it sits on.  This will void any warranty the membrane may have.

Deck Jak® Tile Support

The Deck Jak® is the main part of the system which is generally used independently of the other base components. the Deck Jak® is adjustable in height by rotating the lower half of the jak. Height adjustment can also be achieved with a screw driver through an insertion hole in the centre top of the Deck Jak® after the deck has been completed. The top section is self leveling to 2 degrees. The Deck Jak® is also available in various adjustable sizes from 20mm to 105mm. The underside of the base is smooth with no sharp edges that may damage the membrane.

The width of the base is also sufficient to spread the load of both the dead and live loads transferred onto the membrane through the Deck Jack. The base also incorporates water egress channels to allow any build up of water within the Deck Jack base to disperse.


Deck Jak® tile supports are injection-moulded, in NZ, and made from UV resistant polypropylene.

  • Deck Jack Strength (See our Point Load Test results here)

  • Deck Jack Durability (100% UV Stable) and

  • Deck Jack Versatility

These were some of the key design considerations, as was Recyclability.

  • Urban Building Products Ltd believe they have combined all of these points, managing to achieve a cost effective decking support solution to changes in the NZ Building Code E2/AS1 (view here)

Deck Jak® tile supports consist of two parts; a 102mm diameter base with an internal thread, and a top with an external thread and top plate with Spacer Fins (3mm Narrow Fin).

Distributor Licenses Available

We are looking for New Zealand and International distributors to market our products.

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