We make decking easy with

Deck Jak®

Durable, practical systems that make
decking, roofing & foundations easier

The Deck Jak® System is a rigid height adjustable proprietary support system for concrete pavers, structural
tiles or timber panels or other approved trafficable surfaces.
The Joist Jak™ Flooring Systemis a rigid, height adjustable self leveling proprietary support system for joist type constructed surfaces.
Reo Pegs are designed to act as proprietary supports for two or four vertical bar cage reinforcing, or trenchmesh. They provide a quick, easy and cost-effective means of support during the concrete pour, and can double as height pegs.
Smart Eedge R.E.F™ alleviates the
problem of roofing paper or underlay deterioration and installation error. It allows for the moisture or water formed on the underside of the roofing product to discharge into the guttering system.

3 Simple reasons why you should shop with us:

Designed specifically to reduce installation time and expense
Made from long lasting
robust materials
More cost effective and
simpler than similar systems

All our building systems are designed specifically to cope with tough conditions and to be easy to install.
We’ve also made them to be as cost effective as possible, providing a better product at a lower price

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