How do I know how many Deck Jaks I need for my Deck?

There are a few different things you can do here.

1. If you have a simple square or rectangular deck you can go to the Deck Jak Calculator in the Download Zone, put in the dimensions of your deck, the size of tiles that you are intending to use and it will work it out for you. You will then need to work out what height you need from the base to the bottom of the tile / paver.

2. You also may find the Installation Guide useful which gives step by step instructions depending on how you want to lay your tiles / pavers.

3. If your deck is a bit more complex and you just don’t trust yourself to work it out, then send the dimensions or the plans to us and we will work it out for you. A sketch is sufficient with as much information as possible. We will need to know the shape of the area, dimensions, minimum and maximum heights, rate of fall, position of drainage points (low points), required finish level of the deck and the tile / paver size and type. Sound easy? It is. Email the information to the Estimation Team

When using the Joist Jak System, do I need to use the Aluminium Joists to make a grid system?

In a word “No”.  You could…. but they could make your project way more expensive than it needs to be.  


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