Joist Jak™ Components

Joist Jak® Tile Support Components

Joist Jak®

The Joist Jak® is the main part of the system which is generally used independently of the other base components.  See more information here

See other Joist Jak® Components that you may require below:

Joist Jak® Spacers

Require extra height on your Joist Jak®?

We have two sizes available – These fit underneath the Joist Jak® support. They can be stacked to achieve the required lift and are designed to be used beneath a Joist Jak® support, not independently.
They are interchangeable with the Deck Jak® Tile Support

20mm Deck Jak® Spacer

The Deck Jak® Spacer clips snugly beneath the Deck Jak® tile support. They are stackable, with each one providing an additional 20mm lift. Drainage ports are included in the design to alleviate water stagnation problems. These are fully integratable with the 50mm Deck Jak® Spacer. The 110mm diameter base provides a very solid platform.

50mm Deck Jak® Spacer

The 50mm Deck Jak® Spacer is Urban Building Product’s recent addition, and has been developed to meet the ever growing demand by customers to evolve the system.The 50mm Deck Jak® Spacer, like the 20mm version, clips snugly beneath the Deck Jak® tile support and is stackable, providing an additional 50mm lift each. The base of this version is comparable to the 20mm.

The photo to the left shows the view from above a Deck Jak® Spacer. Only the flat base comes into contact with the waterproof membrane. All parts in contact have smooth rounded edges. The drainage ports shown allow water to drain from the Deck Jak® Spacer and are similar to the drainage ports in the base of the Deck Jak® tile supports. This eliminates stagnant water smells.

200mm Diameter Deck Jak® Base Plate with additional 2° fall compensation.

This product sits under any Deck Jak® tile support configuration. As well as negating any adverse effects on the ratings of acoustic membranes, the built-in fall compen- sation allows the Deck Jak® tile support system to be used on up to 4° falls. Made from RECYCLED Polycarbonate.

The photo to the left shows a Joist Jak® support seated on a combination of 20mm and 50mm Deck Jak® Spacers.

The deck will need to be fully enclosed to ensure there is no chance of any lateral (sideways) movement. This stacking system provides a very stable base for the Joist Jak® support, and decking surface. The 50mm Deck Jak® Spacer allows more stability than ever on high (up to 400mm) support, pedestrian area


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